Monday, July 6, 2009

50 things

50 things I love about myself

Sometimes we forget to look at ourselves in a positive light. Sometimes we forget that we are very truly loved by someone somewhere. Sometimes, we need to remember.

1) I like my Chinese name. I hope my family is willing to give my kids (if i have them) traditional names as well.
2) I can bake! I'm learning how to cook... slowly...
3) I speak Mandarin pretty darn well. If I live in Taiwan for a bit, I eventually make a strange accent that's not really American or Taiwanese. It's me... just like my quirky accent for when I speak English.
4) I'm iffy about trying new foods depending on my mood. Once I find something I like, I really stick to it. However, I do love all varieties of food.
5) While I have a very minimal amount of musical talent, I do enjoy singing.
6) Nintendo DS lite, red = WIN kthxbye. From Phoenix Wright to Kirby (that pink puff is too damned cute -_-), I have played a lot of DS games.
7) I know how to build a computer with a manual (I helped Ryan cuz my fingers were smaller).
8) I'm slowly learning how to cook. I make an awesome couscous with green peppers, onions, rotisserie chicken, and broccoli.
9) I'm a pretty decent planner. I usually organize trips and get-togethers for my friends because I'm a control freak and I do a pretty solid job.
10) I have a crazy hang up when things are "wrong", ie, when things can be planned better or run more efficiently. This actually gets in the way of things sometimes because I become too oppressive when I try to "fix" things.
11) I'm comfortable with my nervous laughter finally.
12) I can simplify big concepts into kid terms. I sorta taught 5 year olds that the moon makes waves at a family party by accident (and much to Andrew's amusement).
13) I was respected for being myself before I really realized or acknowledged it.
14) I know how to fully enjoy a moment. I also know the luxury of a photograph.
15) I can give you a pretty accurate practical read on a person from a 30 minute to hour conversation.
16) I have a few pretty solid prose pieces that strike the simple heart of things.
17) When it comes to work, I will do anything to get a job done (yes, I've made people cry). I'm stubborn and I do jobs well.
18) My first aid kit will kick your first aid kit's butt. It's come in handy more times than I've been made fun of for it.
19) I do not give up. Ever if possible. Case: mother. I try. I say I will. But she's my mother.
20) While I say I hate it, I actually am quite fond of driving... only the Civic though. I am pretty space-headed with it though. That fender that's taped up? yaaaah...
21) I think I look most beautiful surrounded by kids.
22) Midnight runs are the best. Diner? Wendy's? Taco Bell? etc etc.
23) I'm a practical judge of character. I can get a general sense of a person quickly, but I try my best to keep an open mind if I'm interested.
24) I don't have any extreme allergies that land me in a hospital. I am, however, perpetually uncomfortable in the outdoors *shakes fist at trees and grass*.
25) I know how to entertain. I also know how to remind someone that they are loved.
26) I give very honest hugs. I don't give them often, but I am generous with them when I sense a need for them.
27) I wish I knew more about Taiwan and my family's history. My grandparents on my mom's side spoke Japanese and Taiwanese fluently, but not Mandarin-- how rad is that?
28) I'd be a decent wife, a loving mother, and a fun friend, all rolled into one. I believe marriage is a constant process and a life-long commitment. I'm really not a fan of divorce at all and I'll try everything and a half to prevent it.
29) I love learning about things, including creepy crawlers. After doing the mini-unit on spiders, I think those arachnids are pretty cool... in pictures and not in my direct vicinity. Out of sight, out of mind...
30) I usually end up as the only girl in hangouts. Among my close groups of friends, I'm usually the only girl...
31) I'm not so attractive/unattractive that people lose interest in what I have to say because of how I look.
32) I have a pile of books that I can't wait to read sitting in my room. Now I need motivation.
33) I am very honest and practical. I will tell you what I think if I think it's worth hearing.
34) When it comes to music, I'll give everything a chance. My taste is really eclectic and random
35) I'm always looking for adventure. Nothing really surprises and I hate suspense. Good luck trying to simply surprise me!
36) When I'm not trying to impress you, I'm very direct and honest. I got an offer to be a part of AIL when my interview consisted of ranting about their slight hypocrisy and telling them, "No, I probably wouldn't take your offer if you made one."
37) I am curious about anything. If I'm asking you 50 questions like a kid, it's because I'm really interested. Sorry if it bothers you though.
38) I'm a good lover and girlfriend. I will give you my everything every time.
39) I'm learning how to be a better "girl" in regards to fashion and makeup. Exploring styles and colors is fun. I love long shirts at the moment.
40) I have never had a one night stand, nor do I want to. I have kissed 3 men in my life and meant it, although I've kissed a few girls for fun ^_~.
41) I am an pessimistic optimist. I genuinely hope things will work, but I don't expect them to. I usually hope against all logic, but I use logic more.
42) I remember the details that seem important to a person's soul. I remember dates and random details, like why you wear that necklace and what it means to you... but good luck getting me to remember your name!
43) I'm not a spoiled twatwaffle who thinks that I deserve the world.
44) If I have a way to stay in contact with people I love, I'm satisfied. Snail mail is included.
45) While high school and college had their ups and downs, I think I made the most of both experiences.
46) I'm really flexible. I adapt. I do, however, stick to a few guns. I will not renounce my faith while I may rant and complain about the way He runs things. I will question and challenge, but I will never deny.
47) I love my random scars and birthmarks. I have a specific one that I really love-- ask and I'll share ^_~
48) Wikipedia and google help satiate my endless curiosity about drugs, sex, and life. I know too much random stuff. I also use the internet to search for sales, coupons, and free deals.
49) I'm a humanist. I will try my best to better the human condition.
50) I love fully and loyally. Once you're in, you're in. To get out, you need to close me out. Otherwise, I will love.